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Panzerwrecks 21

Panzerwrecks 21 is now available and continues this series exploration of the dwetrius of armoured war in WWII. Produced by Panzerwrecks this is a soft cover book presenting pictures well backed by information and references.


Panzerwrecks the series is a soft cover Landscape format book 280x210mm in size. Panzerwrecks 21 is 96 pages long and contains 128 photographs of high to exceptional quality. Not all photographs are going to be great, depending on how they were treated, preserved, stored, or used. Generally these are all very good in my opinioin and well worth going through. Whether a historian or a hobbiest I think they are of interest, and a wealth of detail for those who build and place them in vignettes or dioramas. Icing on the cake are 5 very nice colour plates. What makes these colour plates even more exceptional is they are placed beside the original photograph.

The synopsis on the back cover asks and answers:
"How do you convert a Panther into a pepperpot? Why was a US Navy doctor taking photos of Panzers? What unique emblem was painted on a Jagdtiger? Which Panzer was left outside the monastery at Wiebrechtshausen? What British unit used a Sturmgeschütz as an ARV? The answers to these and other questions are to be found here in Panzerwrecks 21, with 128 rare and unpublished large-format photographs sourced from around the world."



If you are new to the series then dont be put off by the wrecks part. The pictures speak for themselves with an incredable amount of detail to be gleaned for your build research. They also put these vehicles in great context for building a suitable vignette or diorama. The sheer scope of these books with photos of common to rare vehicles is priceless for the historiaqn and hobbiest. Personally I dont think you can go wrong with any of them and I for one will collect the whole series.
These books can be obtained straight from the publisher, panzerwrecks or from your favorite book seller. From source it is £17.99.
My thanks to the publisher for this copy. I highly recommend it and the series to anyone interested in WWII armour, particularily German armour.
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