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Panzerwrecks 19 Yugoslavia

The newest Panzerwrecks volume 19 is available and takes us to Yugoslavia.


For anyone who has not seen a Panzerwrecks book, it is a softcover 28 x 0.7 x 21 cm in size. The theme of these books are WWII vehicles usually of the wrecked kind. Now before you discount the book based on that as I did when I first heard of them I suggest thinking again. The amount of visual detail to be found is staggering. For those looking at the book historically each picture is commented on with all the detail and research possable in order to let you know where, what, and why. For modelers there are hard to come by details hidden within the pages that will help you "nail" your lates piece. And the shear number of ideas that you can take away with you to pose your models is mind boggling.
With 96 pages and 151 pictures you can find a lot of odd vehicles as well as well known. The features of this volume are
  • Panzer Zug Wrecks
  • 5.(verstärkte) Polizei-Panzer-Kompanie
  • Panzers in Post War Yugoslavia'
I find it so very interesting seeing various captured French vehicles as well as those from other countries used so far from home. Souma S-35s, Vickers Utility Tractors, AB 41s reside amongst the more common Sd.Kfz, 7s, RSOs, Stugs and others. Finally I have found some very cool pictures of the armoured trains used in the war. And not all of the pictures are of wrecks. There are a good number showing serviceable vehicles, captured vehicles, and period "life" shots as well. This is a trully interesting tome and from an area that I knew of but never knew. Another theater of operations to delve into and explore.






Most pages have one picture and no more than 4 pictures. Despite their age and circumnstance of being taken the pictures are very clear and detailed. I would recommend this series for anyone who studies history or models WWII subjects and even a little post war. The books are easy to read, can be laid out on the workbench while modeling and are a good quality glossy paper.
You can buy them right from the source at Panzerwrecks for £16.99 (US $24.47), from Amazon or your favorite modeling store. The Last Cavalry has them for $29.00.

I would like to thank the Staff at Panzerwrecks for my copy.
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