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Nuts and Bolts Volume 37: Panzerjäger IV, Part 1: - L/48 (Sd.Kfz.162)

Nuts and Bolts Volume 37: Panzerjäger IV, Part 1: - L/48 (Sd.Kfz.162) is the newest tome from the Nuts and Bolts team. It covers one of my favourite vehicles of WWII, the Gudrian Duck.

This volume includes the early versions of Panzerjäger IV chassis No. V2 to the leichte Panzerjäger IV with the 7.5 cm Pak 39 L/48 with the rest of the story being covered in Volume 38.


I've said before that Nuts and Bolts books are some of the few I will buy sight unseen without hesitation. I was introduced to them years ago by a modeling buddy who also got me hooked on Aber PE. These are still some of the best reference books a person could buy and if you are just starting out in researching your build, these are the books I would recommend to start your library.
Now this is part one so you know there is even more good info coming. This should get you through detailing up your early Jagdpazer IVs though. The book is as usual a soft cover and was published in November of 2016. They should be appearing shortly at all the good book sellers and model shops. The book is written in English and German text and is 180 pages long. From the Nuts and Bolts site it has 368 photos (152 historic, 23 model, 193 modern),36 blueprints,16 camouflage schemes, tactical markings, and a table of organization (KStN)
As usual Historical and technical information is given, followed by organization and structure of the anti tank units,camouflage, markings, modeling, and reference sections. The format is the same in all the books allowing one to go directly to where you need the information. I really like this layout as it makes it easy going from one book to another without trying to figure out where you have to look to find what you want.
Again the organization and structure are excellent sources of pictorial and written information. If you are a modeler I think it gives and good idea of what kits would be required for a diorama idea. I'm sure gamers would find it interesting for making up your units. There is much more than a tank to a unit.

The history section is very interesting. From the allocation of tanks to the forces to what was used in each division and brigade that had the Jagdpanzer IV.

In the camouflage and markings section there is an interesting write up on zimmerit. I found some interesting facts in the model build section but got lost in the historical photographs. So many interesting shots and so much detail to soak up. As I have said, I really enjoy these books for all the detail they provide.
There are some great 3 view drawings and colour plates to peruse here as well. I found the radio interconnection drawings especially interesting. And of course the colour plate will delight everyone looking for a scheme to do.

And of course no Nuts and Bolts book would be complete without the Nuts and Bolts sourced from museum and display vehicles.

The modeling section is relatively small in this issue, but it does cover some fantastic work. There is even a small section on making zimmerit with miliput which is very interesting.

Again we have another excellent book from the Nuts and Bolts Team. I wholeheartedly recommend these books to anyone interested in history, modeling, or even gaming. So far I have only seen it at the Last Cavalry for $40.00 US but I am sure you will see them at other shops soon. You can also get the book direct from Nuts and Bolts for 29.90€
I would like to thank the Nuts and Bolts team for my copy.
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