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Nuts and Bolts #39 Sd.Kfz. 6

Today I'm reviewing the newest Nuts and Bolts book, Nuts and Bolts #39 Sd.Kfz. 6,  5 ton Zugkraftwagen, Büssing - NAG and variantsn.


This newest volume is again a treasure trove of information and reference pictures.


I always look forward to the newest Nuts and Bolts books as they are an invaluable resource to a WWII German Vehicle Modeler. Chock full of details and ideas for the modeler they also give a detailed history and devlopment of the chosen vehice. An added plus is the ORBAT of a unit using this vehicle in different time eriods and for this case in different uses.

You get a dual German English text, 224 pages, 430 picturers. Those pictures are brooken into 272 contemporary photos from manual, 120 colour photos, and 38 model pictures.There are 14 camoufage shemes to tempt you and tactical markings.

One thing that caught my attention in this issue was the differences between manufacturer models. I think with some skill one could convert their moels to another companies vehcle to give a bit of visual interest if yuo are building mor than one.

manufacturer page

Again great pictures abound with a detailed text explaining each.

old pics

Incredable 3 view drawings.


One of my favorite things of many about these books are the colour plates. Get a load of the second  tank? SPG?  I hope someone takes notice and comes out with a kit. The colour plate for Dana should help those doing the Bronco kit.

colour plates

And of course the museum and restored vehicles pictured will help with thos little details you want to add.

restored vehicle

And finally the completed models are a treat Its fantastic seeing what can be done to make a true piece of art.


At the risk of sounding like a broken recors I cant say enough about the quality of these publications. The wealth of information for modelers or historians is incredible. These are worth every penny.  You should be able to get this at any book seller who stocks military books. The Last Cavalry sells it for $40.00 US. RZM has it for &49.95 US. Or right from the publisher. Nuts and bolts has it for €29.90.

My thanks to Nuts and Bolts for my review copy.

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