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Modelers' Alliance Modeler of the Month Tim Alexander

Modelers' Alliance Modeler of the Month for January is
Tim Alexander

It's a pleasure to announce Tim (Hood) Alexander as Modeler's Alliance Modeler of the Month for January 2015.

Tim Alexander (Hood) has been sharing with us his amazing journey in building this Shipways kit that resulted in this. 4 years in the building of what started as a Baltimore Clipper, he's now finished that one and moving on to recover another lost kit. He's a long time member and a steady contributor with his builds in progress and always willing to lend some advice to others and ask for help when needed, which isn't often.


Tim has also not been shy about building armor and other subjects.

How about a big round of applause for Hood, Modeler of the Month January 2015

Tim's hobby background...

My life long interest in modeling and all things miniature came directly from my Father. As a small boy I would watch him build, completely fascinated. My favorite memory is looking on in admiration as he worked on a F4 Phantom, probably an old Revell kit in which he hand painted markings. I can smell the tube glue and old Testers paint right now. Maybe it's why the Phantom is my favorite Warplane. All these years later I still admire his work as a gifted watercolor painter.
My modeling subjects vary widely if I see a structure, boat, plane or train I want to see it in miniature. I don't care to keep the models I build, to me it's all about the process and once the work is done I'm satisfied and ready to move on.
Although I enjoy working with kits I am a scratchbuilder at heart.
I'm definitely not a prolific modeler and in the past couple of years my own modeling has taken a back seat to building or restoring models for other people. However In the near future I plan on building a large scale model of the Civil War ram "Choctaw" which will be a keeper.


Some of Tim's work





moon puppy
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