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Modeler of the Month

/images/badges/motm/Mom_May_14_banner.pngModelers' Alliance Modeler of the Month Award
Joe McCaslin (fightnjoe)
May 2014

The ‘Modeler of the Month’ (MoM) ribbon was awarded in the early days of Modelers Alliance to members who embodied what the site was all about… eager participation in the forums, helpfulness, an appetite to improve and/or develop new skills. Now we are bringing-back the MoM award, and our first recipient is a modeller who truly embodies all of these qualities (and more).

Joe’s P-40 adventure Hawkenstien 3 began with a ‘crazy’ idea. Build an aircraft model that was opened-up for all to see. Thus he commenced, and with each success he reached that bit further and stretched his abilities; when he found himself in a cul-de-sac, he asked for (and received) help, he reassessed and overcame the problem. On more than one occasion, he simply tore-up his work and re-built it, better than before. At the end of his journey, Joe has a raft of new skills and much more confidence in his modelling abilities… and also a model that will be the focal point of any display…

…We cannot think of a better recipient for the first re-launched MoM ribbon. Congratulations, Joe, you fully deserve it.


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