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bob letterman

Modeler of the Month for October is Laurence Maftei

Laurence Maftei, (AKA White Wolf), will be a member of Modeler’s Alliance for a year this month! He has been a prolific builder and as we have all seen, his work has improved considerably just within that short year! He accepts constructive criticism like most people accept praise! That is a rare and admirable characteristic!
He was born in Romania, in a small town only 500 miles or so from Chernobyl and he has vivid memories of that catastrophe. He served in the Romanian army for the mandatory 9 months, and graduated from university as a maritime engineer. He moved to Australia in 2002 and works in a field of computerized telemetry known as SCADA.
He was married to his lovely wife Anne in England on the 16th of August, this year. He has a son and daughter from a previous marriage, twins, both 15 years old. His son is an avid modeler as well!
Laurence has only been modeling seriously since 2011 and it would seem he has a natural talent for it. 2014 is his best year so far in terms of modeling. He received more awards than he ever imagined possible in competition, and was featured in an article in the ModelArt Australia magazine. He loves Modeler’s Alliance because, in his words, “It is an amazing place. Lots of fantastic models, but, even more importantly, fantastic people”.

bob letterman
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