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Modeler of the Month for November is Mark Deliduka

Modeler of the Month is Mark Deliduka 
(Duke Maddog)
I think we all know Mark, A.K.A. Duke Maddog not only from our forum but forums all over the web, he seems to be omnipresent yet still finds time to knock out a number of builds and host group builds at his local club and meetings. He's a great promoter of the hobby having his nephews and nieces join in with those builds. This is why Mark is Modelers Alliance Modeler of the Month for November.
We'll let Mark tell his own story here.

I got into model building through my mother. She used to build models when she was younger and so when I; as a bothersome 6-year-old, wouldn't stop annoying her, she gave me three ship models she'd built as a kid. Naturally I played with them until they broke, so I came to her and asked her to fix them. She gave me a tube of glue and said, "Go fix them yourself" and so I went off to do just that. Four hours later, she realized she hadn't heard from me in hours and rushed through the house looking for me. There I was patiently gluing pieces back on. The rest is history.
Most of my early models were built for "wargaming". This came about from the times when I and my friend would be building models side-by-side on his desk talking smack about how the model I was building would be able to take down his etc. and it ballooned from there. So, we came up with some rules and "fought" our collections to see whose was the best. This is partly why I maintain a consistency in the scale of my collection as much as possible. The other reason is because I grew up appreciating seeing the size comparisons of everything in one scale; as well as the uniformity of one consistent scale.

I never really stopped building; except for one period of two years after I moved out. Then I got back into it after that.

I joined IPMS in the 1990's and there I learned even faster how to improve my skills. I still consider myself a novice builder compared to so many masters in the organization, but I'm slowly improving. As an IPMS member I've been able to do many Make-n'-Takes, as well as show off my models at several art, craft and historical events. We even set up a 6-month-long display in a local Public Library some years ago. Some of my models were also displayed at USC's AFROTC building to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Air Force.

One of my favorite things is having the Knights of Columbus Hall available every second Saturday (and the Friday before) to open up and spend the days just building models with any and all my fellow modelers who have the time to drop in and work on their models distraction-free. Many of my friends have remarked how often they are finishing models even more ever since coming in on a regular basis. It is so fantastic spending that time in Hobby Day weekends with my fellow modelers. Anyone who comes into Southern California on the weekend of the second Saturday of the month is welcome to join us.

Here are some of what I feel are my better models on my next post.

My 1911 Christie Fire Truck in 1/12 scale:


My 1/285 scale Graf Zeppelin:

My collection of 1/72 scale civilian aircraft, including four extremely rare Aurora models:

My 1/72 scale Dora Rail Gun:


My collection of 1/72 scale civilian aircraft, including four extremely rare Aurora models:


My Nutrocker Hovertank, from Ma.K SF3D:


My Br-86 German Locomotive in 1/72 scale:


My Russian 1/72 scale Mi-26 Halo helicopter, with a 1/72 scale sedan next to it for scale comparison:


So please join me in congratulating Mark Deliduka (Duke Maddog) as Modelers Alliance Modeler of the Month for his tireless efforts in promoting our hobby.

moon puppy
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