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moon puppy

Modeler of the Month Aug'14


Modeler of the Month for August is Bill Stephenson (WDS)


Bill is one of our more subtle members of Modelers' Alliance but he's ever present in the Campaigns and will take up a challenge with gusto. Primarily he's building armored or dirty military vehicles, applying what he learned from Bob Lettermans' class on weathering OD no doubt.

But this time it was extra special.

His recent build of the Gato class U.S.S. Cero is the reason for the August MotM award, not just the excellent step by step he gave us while earning the Shipbuilders campaign ribbon. It was what he did with the finished model that makes our quirky little hobby worth the effort.


Bill presented his U.S.S Cero to his Father who served on the boat in the 1950s. A very fitting tribute.

Thank you Bill for reminding us the joys this hobby can bring and sharing it with us. And Bill, send a thanks to your Father from all of us for his service.

moon puppy
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