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MJ's Figure Art Vol 1

MJ's Figure Art Vol1
German Infantryman Mid 14C

I recently found out about a new figure painting book coming out and after hearing how good it was decided to buy one. I am more than pleased with it and highly recommend it  to anyone wanting to learn how to paint figures or even improve their skills.


------------------------------------ What do you get for your $48.00 US plus shipping is a large format picture book with subtitles in English and      believe Japanese. It is written by a young man who has done wonders and his short bio is very interesting. As a side note, the figure that got me back into figure painting after 30 odd years was by a company called Seil. At 25 MJ was the Manager, Master Sculpting and Figure Painting Team for Box Art for Seil.

Whats in the hardy box is a 96 page SBS starting with Tools. Every tool you would need along with a description and picture. It covers cutting, drilling, sanding, and painting tools, as well as paints and painting tools, and finally bases.

You get a custom figure of a German Infantryman from the 14th Century. This figure is worth the price of the package alone. Cast in resin it is crisp and very well detailed. Included is a floor for him to stand on and some very fine chain.



The next section is a SBS for building this figure and I learned a few tricks from it that while easy and very common sense would never have entered my mind. I'll use them now. This is followed by a discussion on lighting, shadows and highlights. Very well done it makes this subject understandable and the pictures really help.

Now the book breaks in two. The next section is the Intermediate section and you are taken along a path beginning with the construction of a custom base all the way to painting and displaying  your figure. Fantastic stuff. Following this is the beginner level and again you start at the base, in this case the one supplied all the way through painting and displaying your first figure. By the way all the painting is accompanied by colour call outs and ratios. Very helpful.



The pictures are crisp and high detail and the writing is pertinent.

It is published by ST Models in Korea and info can be obtained by writing yd0304@gmail.com

Well worth it, I again highly recommend this for anyone who is painting figures or thinking about it.

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