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Mission Mark Decals' 48001 Mirage F1s of the Armee de l'Air Pt.1

After snapping up Kitty Hawk's Mirage F.1CT/CR kit, I began hearing about the problems with it. Not knowing the quality of the kit decals, I began looking for replacements even though the kit decals include a shark mouth scheme. I was happy to learn of Mission Mark Decals who chose the Mirage F.1CT/CR as their first release. The price, at ten and a half Euros, seemed high but it includes shipping and the delivery was fast. The decals arrived well protected in an envelope with a stiff cardboard and all within a resealable plastic bag. As seen above, two sheets are included. Seeing an addendum sheet made me feel better as it shows the company is concerned with accuracy.


Looking closer at the sheets, I noticed very fine printing and many vibrant colors including silver ink for the mission marks (they appear gray below).
Stenciling is included for one aircraft and all is in registration and legible. Aside from the wonderful decals, the instructions show what a labor of love these decals are. Twelve aircraft are included. Three F.1CT and nine F.1CR aircraft are shown in full color profiles printed on good stock.
Above, you see the reason I ordered the decals, the shark mouth and the Lion Head isn't bad as well! A great touch are the extra rectangles of colors to help fill any gaps after placing the decals. This beats having to mix a paint!
Mission Mark Decals' dedication is shown above. A 1/48th scale profile is included to correct the panel line on the large fuel tank in the Kitty Hawk kit. See below to compare to the kit part.
This is a wonderful debut sheet from Mission Mark Decals and the fact two great markings are included for fuel tanks made me dig out the large tank from my Kitty Hawk F.1B. Images show that these tanks were used by various aircraft. These decals are printed by the BOA Agency so I will test them using warm water as is my usual for Eastern European decals.
Images of the Sharkmouth fuel tank on other aircraft:



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