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MiniArt Anti-Tank Obstacles in 1/35 scale

MiniArt Anti-Tank Obstacles in 1/35 scale
Anti-Tank obstacles of this type were known as Czech Hedgehogs.
In the past Tamiya and Italeri did some,but I think it's justified that MiniArt comes with a new offering.

MiniArt comes with the same size box,that they also use for their figure and other accessoires kits.


Instructions as usual on the back side of the box.
Recommended paints call for Red Brown,Dark Grey and White. (what I ignored)


You get 12 x sprue Ba1,each sprue can be made into 1 Anti-Tank obstacle.
Oddly enough I found 13 sprues in the box.


One thing I wasn't pleased with however;you will have to use some scalpel or knive,
files and sandpaper...because the connection points between the beams are just too small!


Painted and weathered it turned out like this:


Come to think about it,you can always use the Czech Hedgehogs to make the Culin Hedgerow Cutter,
found on US tanks,as the US Army did just that with them as they found them on the Normandy beaches.

Got this kit from the local hobby shop for 14,30 Euro,but also saw it from a trader at a show for just 11,50 Euro.


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