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Matho Models

Matho Models
Here comes a review of 3 items from Matho Models, It's a new Belgium company that have some realy nice new releases.

First up is a sheet with road signs, Normandy WWII in scale 1/35.

A very nice touch is that the backside of the signs also have a print, that's something atleast I have found was missing and difficult to add afterwards

Price: €7.95

More info: www.mathomodels.com/product_info.php?cPa...d37504fee42630a5649f

Next is a set with small rocks and boulders in scale 1/35 (can be used in other scales too).

They are casted in plaster and can be a good help for filling up around ruined houses on a diorama.
Set contains 8 rocks in different sizes.
Price: €5.50

More info: www.mathomodels.com/product_info.php?cPa...28af16ad1461cf3ec181

And the last piece is a set with 2 wooden barrels and a wooden pallet in scale 1/35.
All parts casted in a grey resin with nice details, the wood barrels are fitting both older and new settings but the pallet is more for the modern diorama/truck builders.
Price: €7.95

More info: www.mathomodels.com/product_info.php?cPa...02dcff4b2801d278d241

Thanks to Matthias at Matho Models for sending me the review samples
Website: www.mathomodels.com
Facebook: mathoscalemodels
Twitter: mathomodels

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