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Masterpiece Models' Tape

Masterpiece Models is now offering Rice Paper (Washi) Tape in their tool lineup. So far, we have them available in 1/8 (0.125) inch by 60-yard (180 feet) roll
1/4 (0.25) inch by 60-yard (180 feet) roll
1/2 (0.5) inch by 60-yard (180 feet) roll
1 inch by 60-yard (180 feet - 2160 inch) roll


Pretty accurate cut for the 1-inch-wide tape! Remember that this is 180 feet, 60 yards, in a roll.

The thickness is less than Tamiya's

Many will want to compare it to Tamiya's standard tape. I will be checking on how it cuts, tears (easily as was done below), the adhesive qualities (aside from being low tack), and use as a mask. I can report that I have yet to be successful in using it with my new Cricut Maker to make masks on the vinyl cutter. Removing from the transfer tape causes it to deform.


I placed it on this fully cured but not clear coated Tamiya metal finish. It stayed on for over a week...

and peeled off with no damage:

Other Adhesive Use

I often use tape as a dam to keep CA glue from flowing where I don't need it. With cellophane, it creates an even surface that usually needs light rubbing to remove the glossiness but not real sanding. To test this with the Masterpiece Models' tape, I found the wing slots on Kitty Hawk's Mirage F.1B to be the perfect candidate as the subject rarely has ordnance, let alone pylons, mounted and the kit has recessed details around. The latter means any sanding which might occur due to a failure won't result in serios detail loss.

The tape was added and the CA applied from the other side. The second slot will be covered with cellophane tape as a control and the other wing has the test repeated using Tamiya tape and cellophane as (again) a control.

After letting the glue cure, I removed the tapes... Masterpiece Models had slight leakage, not hard to clean up.

Tamiya tape got stuck to the glue... Not that hard to remove but an extra step.

To be continued as I use it in more applications...

One can buy these tapes directly. Click on the tape size you are interested in or here for the tool section of the Masterpiece Models website.
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