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Lets Build a Diorama II

Let me introduce a new book Lets Build a Diorama vol. II, Terrain and Vegetation. Again we are presented with an incredible how to book on building dioramas which will be a great reference for pretty much any kind of modeller I can think of no matter what the genre.


László Adóba has done it again. The book is again small enough to reside on your work bench, but large enough that the high quality pictures will visually describe what the concepts the text is putting forward. Weighing in at 80 pages there are 5 sections with multiple subsections.
1   Introduction
2   Surface
     I.   Soils
    II.   Rocks
3   Vegetation
     I.    Grass
    II.    Trees
4   Use of Real Plants
      I.   Dried Plants
     II.   Plants Treated with White Glue
    III.   Using Glycerine
     IV.  Practical Examples

5    Effects
      I.    Snow and Ice
     II.    Water.

Again cheap easily sourced materials are used to build these dioramas. The section on water is basic as an in depth treatise would fill another book.  After reading this book I feel confident in stating, you will look at materials lying around in a whole new way.  One persons refuse is another’s goldmine.

If I can single out 2 sections that have me itching to get to work, they would be the making of trees and the making of plants. So simple and yet so effective. You can be sure my figures and some of my models will have some extra company in the future. The knot in the tree to me was extremely well done and something I seldom see in diorams.

I highly recommend this book. I’m willing to bet that no matter what your skill level you’ll see something new or better to try.

You can pick the book up here  http://www.harvar-d.hu/index.html  .
The review for volume I is here http://www.modelersalliance.com/component/content/article/72/374

My thanks to László Harsányi for the review copy.
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