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Lets Build a Diorama II

I am pleased to announce the second book on building dioramas is almost here.
Any one who read my review of Lets Build a Diorama I will know how much I enjoyed the first book. It was filled with common sense methods to achieving masterful results.


In volume one the author László Harsányi covered urban diorama building. It was amazing to see such complex results obtained with simple everyday items. Deep down though I was excitedly anticipating volume twos arrival because it delves into the mysteries of modeling the wilds. From the sample pages I have seen my expectations have been met and exceeded. Of course I will write a review when I get my copy but until then here are a couple of samples of what to expect.


Due out on the 7 of December 2010 this is sure to be another hit with everyone. The address for more info is http://www.harvar-d.hu/index.html  . 
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