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Kunena Discussion Button config

This is a list of the Masters Forums and Section ID numbers used in the configuration of the autocontent option. This document is a record of the configuration of the Content Kunena Discuss plugin. Privileges are set to Special as registered users should not have access to this document or other configuration documents that will be generated.


How this is configured is you go to the Content - Kunena Discuss plugin and edit the properties. In the field Auto J!-Kunena Category Id pairs you place the Joomle Category ID with the Kunena Forum Id that you want to pair up. Let's use Master Bob for example. His Joomle Category ID is 35, Kunena Forum ID is 18. These numbers are found on the Administrator Panel in their respective modules. When you setup a new Category for a new Master, note the ID that is assigned, like wise when you setup the new Forum for the Master. OK, now we know where and how to find these numbers you format them for entry into the field. Joomle ID separated by a comma (,) Kunena ID then a semicolon(;). It would appear as (35,18;) and then you enter your next pair. The current string that is entered is here


Further options can be added to exempt or include Sections and Categories for other sections of the site, as in News and Reviews.Will list all news Articles  for comment under News on the forum. All Reviews for Review Forum. No need to seperate those out by details such as manufacture

Note that the forum post is created when the article is viewed for the first time.


Kunena Forums

Joomle Article Sections
Bob Letterman 18 35 Bob Letterman
Joe Hudson 20 42 Joe Hudson
Ian Hill 21 43 Ian Hill
Yasuyuki Watanabe 24 44 yasuyuki watanabe
Bill Chilstrom 25 45 Bill Chilstrom
Anthony Reeves 26 46 Anthony Reeves
Per Olav Lund 27 47 per olav lund
John Steinman 28 48 John F Steinman
Sven Frisch 59 83 Sven Frisch
Ron Volstad 60 89 Ron Volstad
Alex De Leon 75 99 Alex De Leon
changed 62 91 Changed

36 40 41 61 62
Reviews 34   34 38 39 56 57 58 This info needs to be updated

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