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KP Models' 1/48th Scale SIAI SF-260D

I usually post box images I took but the boxes of the kits I received were damaged so I am using 'official' KP artwork:



Instructions are on one folded sheet printed in color on both sides:
KP48SF260 4815 Instructions 1.jpg
KP48SF260 4815 Instructions 2.jpg

All main kit parts are on one sprue and are the same in all the 1/48th scale SF-260 kits. Unfortunately, the one piece lower wing tore off the sprue tree:
KP48SF260 001.JPG
KP48SF260 002.JPG

Lots of easy, but avoidable, work to repair the gouges left when the lower wing tore off due to rough handling of the package.
KP48SF260 003.JPG

Close up images show it to be a short run molding with plenty of flash. Note that parts for all kit variants are included.
KP48SF260 004.JPG
KP48SF260 005.JPG
KP48SF260 007.JPG

One piece canopy won't allow it to be opened without surgery but it is very clear:
KP48SF260 008.JPG

KP48SF260 4815 010.JPG

Wonderful decals with schemes I obviously like!
KP48SF260 4815 012.JPG

Thank you Hubert! You're a great friend who knows what I love!
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