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Today I'll review a new book by Harlan Glenn and Remy Spezzano from a very good publisher, RZM Publishing.
This is a photo study of the German soldiers fighting in and around Arnheim.


At 12 inches by 12 inches this is not a tiny book.Reading the specs it is 308 pages long with 274 wartime photos and ten maps. The premise of this tome is " a unique in depth photographic documentation of the German ground forces which opposed the Allied Airborne offensive, code named "Operation Market-Garden".
I would have to say its mission is accomplished. Using film by 8 German war correspondents we are presented with stunning and powerful imagery of war. This book shows the nitty gritty process of battle. It is thought evoking and powerful. The look of despair in the allied prisoners eyes, the look of fatigue in the the combatants faces, the carnage, its all captured. 
For modelers this book is a treasure trove of fantastic imagery. The uniforms, the weapons, the vehicles and landscapes. When  I picked mine up on the way to work I took a quick thumb through and within seconds saw a scene I knew I had to model. As I have looked through since I see details on tanks, in uniforms, and even looking at the scenery that will be invaluable in building my models. The pictures are all large and crisp. They have well written accounts of what you are seeing. Each picture also gives the information : Date, Location, Photographer, and picture catalog number.


For the historian there are maps and text detailing the day to day events of this battle.  It seems well written and comprehensive. I look forward to reading more about this time.
Now I read a lot of books and this one I would now count among my favored. It is well worth the price, $85.00, and I would recommend it to anyone. If you want to start a library, this would be an ideal first choice. You want some close up high definition pictures of the combatants, this is the book. I really cant say enough.
Thanks to my wallet for this copy. It can be purchased right from the source www.rzm.com . Enjoy.
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