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Just Paint - Book Cover

Since I do have a few models near the painting stage, I have been asking some friends and then got this book. Artur Wałachowski is a new name to me as I don't know him as an author or modeler but the cover image of the FT-17 caught my eye. This book is by Stratus, an imprint of Mushroom Model Publications (MMP), so i know the standard of printing and color reproduction is high. It is a 104-page perfect bound book, full color throughout, with cardboard covers.

Just Paint - Table of Contents

The table of contents has ten projects painted:
  1. 1/16th Scale Renault FT-17 by Takom
  2. 1/48th Scale Bedford MWD by Airfix
  3. 1/35th Scale Scammell Pioneer by IBG Models
  4. 1/35th Scale M32B1 by Tasca (Asuka now)
  5. 1/48th Scale Supacat Coyote by Airfix
  6. 1/35th Scale Lancio 3Ro by IBG Models
  7. 1/16th Scale Pz.Kpfw. II L Luchs by Classy Hobby
  8. 1/100th Scale Sd.Kfz.251 by Zvezda
  9. 1/72nd Scale V3000s/V3000 SMM by IBG Models
  10. 1/72nd Scale MSTA-S by Zvezda
Each chapter has a kit description (which is mostly the subject's history), a very brief (2 paragraph) commentary on assembly, and detailed information on the painting process used.
Just Paint - pp 36-37

The author does use a variety of brands and, thankfully, product placement is at a minimum.

Just Paint - pp 58-59

It was interesting to see the adjustments made thanks to the differences in scale since his subjects ranged from 1/100th to 1/16th scales.

Just Paint - pp 68-69

I am happily still reading it as I do like some of the effects but not others. This is a personal thing and other modelers may prefer the artistic approach which is more aesthetically pleasing.
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