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Jagdpanzer IV, Part 2 - L/70 (Sd.Kfz.162/1) (Vomag & Alkett)

The newest Nuts and Bolts vol 38 is now available.


This is the second part for the Jagdpanzer IV covering the L/70 (Sd.Kfz.162/1) (Vomag & Alkett), I reviewed Part 1 here.



Nuts and Bolts has again raised the bar in writing this book. I find in reviewing these books that I give them so much praise and it is well deserved. I don't want to become predictable, but they are constantly getting better. I thought it as hard to improve on  perfection but  I was  mistaken. In the 208 pages (according to the Nuts and Bolts site) we find 393 photos (160 historic, 19 model, 214 modern), 42 blueprints, and 17 camouflage schemes, tactical markings, table of organization (KStN) in a split English and German format.

Unfortunately in this issue we find the last drawings done by the talented Mr. John Rue. He passed away after a long illness on March 1st 2017. His talented drawings have graced every volume except the first. I agree with their Dedication to him on the first page that we are all poorer for his passing.

The Nuts and Bolts format is pretty much set and you will find the historical and technical development of the vehicle. A very welcome chapter discusses the Organization and Structure of the Anti Tank units, Each unit equipped with the Jagdpanzer IV is named and detailed. Something of use for the modeler or armoured historian.

Camouflage and markings are covered and even though a short section it will be of great use to the modelers.


The Historical photographs are fantastic and a wealth of information. Lots of details to study and a  vignette/diorama gold mine.

historical photos

Of course the line drawings are the typical high quality and very useful.  I especially like the colour plates as they are great for deciding colour schemes.

line drawings

colour plates

To augment all of this information there is a great section of modern pictures taken from museums and displays. This is where these books really shine for the modeler as you can see where everything fits and how it is attached or constructed.

museum pics

Finally we see more of Tony Greenland's excellent work.

Tony Greenland models

So again we have a fantastic new tome  from the Nuts and Bolts Team. Anyone interested in or wanting to build the Jagdpanzer would be hard pressed to find all this information in these two volumes all in one place anywhere else.

I know I always gush about these books but its because they are they just that good. You cant go wrong with any book from Nuts and Bolts.

I thank Mr. Duske for my copy. You can find these books at any good book seller, from Nuts and Bolts for €29.90, The Last Cavalry for $40.00, and  RZM for $49.95. Worth every penny in my humble opinion.

I'm looking forward to seeing what new vehicle will be covered next.

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