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German Sturmartillerie at War


German Sturmartillerie at War vol.1 by Frank V. De Sisto
Concord Publications.
ISBN 962-361-652-X

The introduction text, covering three pages, explains the development of the StuG and describes the several StuG III Ausfuhrungen (models) and their main characteristics and also the unit organization of the Sturmgeschutz-Batterien during the war.

The rest of the 72 pages of the book are filled with very nice black and white pictures, accompanied by a short text with details about the vehicle in the picture and identifying the Ausfuhrung. The book mainly covers the StuG III in all it's Ausfuhrungen, but pictures of the Sturminfanteriegeschutz 33, the StuG IV, Sturmpanzer IV and the Sturmtiger are also included.
In the center of the book there are 16 very nice color plates by Laurent Lecocq, showing 16 StuG III's, a StuG IV and a Sturmpanzer IV.

You won't find a lot of detailed technical information or interior pictures in this book, but it is a very useful reference book for all StuG III fans who like to make their StuG III model look as accurate as possible. The large amount of pictures and the color plates will give you a great source of inspiration for your next StuG project or diorama.


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