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Forgotten Archives 2

Forgotten Archives 2: The Lost Signal Corps Photos.

Having reviewed the first volume of this series by Panzerwrecks, I was exceptionally happy to find the second volume in my mail box. What a treasure trove of interesting pictures and history it provides, care of those unsung members of the Armed Forces who captured the war and the detritus left over from intense action. Whether in action or after the fact they documented the war and its many facets for the intelligence community, posterity, and for consumption by the general public.


I did a review on the first book here. The book follows the same format, Hard Cover, glossy paper, with generally one picture per page. Pictures are accompanied by the information from the photographer and then a more detailed interpretation. With 240 pages there is a lot of information and incredible photographs. The book is 270mm by 210 mm and has 8 very nice pieces of art with the original right beside it. Its very interesting seeing how the artist took the original and made a picture that just brings it to life.

After a quick introduction which details what the book is about we have nine chapters. The chapters are based on particular photographers work. Each photographer is introduced and a photo of them provided. It makes this work more personal as you meet the photographer and view his work.
Pictures run the gambit from action to movement, to maintenance views. While the trademark damaged vehicles are in abundance there are also great pictures of the vehicles and men in less dangerous areas as well. I find it so very interesting seeing both damages, destroyed and whole vehicles in many different situations. It gives some incredible diorama and vignette ideas to the modelers. The pictures also provide excellent information on weathering and wear and tear.





If you are looking for a great photo reference for WWII armour both whole and destroyed this is the series for you. I would appeal to the armour modeler, historian, and anyone with even a basic interest in WWII . Great pictures, useful information describing what you are looking at, all in a sturdy package.
I highly recommend this book. I thank the publisher for my copy and you can get yours from source for £34.99, from Amazon. for $37.12, and I'm sure it will be in your favorite book sellers shelf .
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