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Arriving in a tiny container, less than a quarter the volume of a traditional No. 11 blade tube, are a new product form FlashMasterHobby.com:


Ten blades are within and they are made from a thin metal.

The most important thing is to find a handle which can grip the thin blade. You can also cheat and superglue a piece of PE brass to the section to be inserted into the blade handle to ensure a tight grip. Here, I am using Excel's Fit Grip handle.

The long straight side (not the angled one) is the sharp edge. It does bend easily and returns to its straight original attitude.

Here, I am using it to shave off the raised pin mark on Mr. Leach's F-15C front fuselage interior.

More tests to be added to try the sharpness and durability as well as the point where it kinks or breaks.

Well into 4 weeks and finally the bend is noticeable and the blade is a bit duller in spots along the cutting edge (remember, there are ten blades so I still have nine replacements left):


Click on "More Information" on the right column to visit their website to learn more or order directly from Flash Master Hobby. The ten pack is only $9.90USD plus shipping. PayPal accepted.

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