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Famo's Sd.Kfz. 9 18 ton Zugkraftwagen – armoured and unarmoured variants 2020-04-30

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Today I have a review of Nuts and Bolts newest book on the Sd.Kfz. 9, 18 ton Zugkraftwagen and its variants.
As usual Nuts and Bolts has produced a stunning reference manual for modellers and historians alike. Combining their usual coverage of the history of the vehicle, its technical information, the users, and how to model it. Each volume is better than the last and yet each volume is from the first to the last is a treasure trove of information. I cant recommend them highly enough and they have a place of pride in my library.
Okay what do we have here? The book is written in German and English text. This volume is 232 pages long in a soft cover glossy paper format. I haven't counted but according to the publisher there are 390 photos with 240 being contemporary and 125 colour photos of surviving vehicles in public and private collections. Added to this are 30 pictures of 5 different model builds by Vinnie Branigan, and Tony Greenland. Also presenting are Vitaly Mozharowski, Peter Zakanyi, and Darren Thompson. The models run the gamut of subjects from the Prime mover to different crane versions, to an Anti Aircraft version and a 1/72 Post War Civilian version. So 395 pictures.
As usual there is a concise technical section detailing the vehicle followed by a typical unit using the "Famo".
There are really interesting pictures of the various weapons it could tow and the breakdown of those weapons and specialty trailers. A lot of these trailers I have never seen before so it is quite interesting. The "Famo" did not just tow weapons though. It was also used for the Sd.Ah.116 as well as heavier trailers. What surprised me was the use as a cable layer and that would be neat to see someone do. It also had cranes and I know there are conversion kits out there for those. They make a very interesting change from the usual Prime Mover. Finally it could also be equipped with an 88MM Flak 37. There are more uses but I'll let you find those yourselves.
Again following a tried and true format there are 16 profiles of camouflage schemes and tactical markings. The unit organiztions come in 4 tables. There are a number of 2D and 3d drawings of the known versions and the Sd.Ah 116 trailer. So anyone who have the Tamiya kit would find anything they need within this book. My Son got me one for Christmas a few years back and now I have no reason not to build it as I now have the reference I need.
I'm always on the lookout for the new Nuts and Bolts Volumes and I'm definitely not disappointed with this one. You should be able to find them at any good Bookstore or Hobby Shop or go right to the source. Even with the Pandemic I got mine shortly after ordering it. Straight from Nuts and Bolts it was 29 Euros. following are some sample pages. My thanks to my wallet for this and two earlier volumes.
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