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moon puppy

Donation Drive for Updates

From time to time we've had to rattle the tip jar for various needs of the site. This is one of those times.
As I've mentioned in the past our site is badly out of date and in need of a major overhaul. We, your friendly site administrators, are investigating the possibility of migrating to a Wordpress based system. To migrate all these wonderful articles and all the forum content, we've decided to hire a professional who has experience in doing these types of migrations. Wordpress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) around today and the support for it has grown far more than what the support for our current system can provide. That's one reason we're looking to switch systems.

One of the methods we are exploring will possibly cost per forum post, as you can see in our stats, we have a huge number of forum post dating back nearly 7 years. There will also be some licenses that will have to be purchased along the way. This is the reason i'm passing the tip jar around, if you can, please donate what you can so we can build our community in a secure and stable website.
You can donate by using this Paypal button or the Tip Jar Button on the front page.


Yes we'll get a new Gallery system out of it.


moon puppy
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