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Buildings made of Styrofoam


Well, the vacum forming of the bath tub was the first step on my new project, next out is a small building. The scale is 1/25 but this technique is usable in any scale.

Got very inspired after I read an article of Marc Reusser and Don Railton on how they made buildings out of styrofoam. The technique is to carve the bricks into the soft styrofoam using an x-acto knife.

The starting point..

Lines were scribed using an x-acto


To widen the lines between the bricks I used a razor blade, bending it back and forth.

The same techniques was used to make the vertical lines.

To make the surface more uneven I made a stamp of the brick size and pressed some of the bricks in. The Styrofoam is very soft so its easy to shape the stones.

After 3-4 hours the building is almost ready for painting. I want the surface to be even more old and weary so I have to work a little bit on this.


Per Olav
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