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Australian Soldier Conversion

I started to build an Australian Matilda tank model a few years ago, it's one of those projects that I have sitting on one of my "back burners" that I do a little work on between paying projects. I will need a few Australian Infantry figures to go with the finished tank, as well as a few tank riders.

So with DML's release of their Commonwealth Infantry Italy 1943-44 set, I had an easy and quick way to convert figures to use in my diorama.


I had already sculpted a set of Aussie style leggings and shoes for use in the future if I needed to sculpt the complete figures from scratch. Dave Harper had molded them up and made me a bunch of resin castings for me. So I simply added these to the DML figures and I was on my way.



Next I replaced the DML hands holding the rifle by sculpting new ones that look more like they are actually holding the weapon. I also sculpted new ammo pouches that were better detailed than the DML part and I added a back pack with its webbing and a bed roll. I added some wear and tear to the uniform a bit of hair detail on his head and of course a Slouch hat.


A quick coat of gray primer was applied (spray can) and any minor problems could be found and cleaned up, now he's ready to paint!

One down, and about seven more to go! I plan on having three or four tank riders on the Matilda and three or four walking infantrymen around the tank.

Till next time......

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