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Announcement from the Administration

Over a year ago a group of modelers quit the website then known as Tanks 'n' Things to form their own site, the site they left was then re-branded as Modelers' Alliance. Since then, the staff and members of this newly named site have been periodically smeared, defamed and physically threatened by certain members of that other site, both on that site and in other public venues. No validity of these accusations and accompanying threats has ever been proven in any way, shape, or form. Throughout these attacks, we the staff of Modelers' Alliance, have decided to take the high road and neither respond nor retaliate because we are secure in our innocence. It's our belief that there is most certainly room in this world for as many forums as the public demands. As a matter of dedication to our hobby, we constantly striven to better our site in order to give our membership a safe and productive venue in which to discuss and display their works.

Unfortunately a new smear campaign has started in which we, the staff and by association, the membership, have been accused of mortally threatening someone from the other site. Therefore we offer the following statement:

We, the staff and moderators of Modelers' Alliance, have not approached anyone with threats of any form. Specifically and emphatically, we have never offered death threats to anyone. Acts of this reprehensible nature will never be tolerated here and we recommend that anyone receiving such a threat immediately approach the proper authorities. If we find any Modeler's Alliance member to be involved in such practice we will alert the authorities and ban the member. There are international laws against this behavior that we support and uphold.

We feel badly about these accusations. If, as a member of Modelers' Alliance, you have any doubt as to our innocence in this heinous matter we invite you to discuss it here in public, we have nothing to hide. We are certain we can clear up any questions you may have.

We hope that the injured parties can legally resolve their issues with whomever this unnamed user may be. We encourage them to seek out their local law enforcement agency and report the crime with all the evidence they have under which they make these blanket statements. We also hope they will rethink their words and retract these baseless, blanket accusations against Modelers' Alliance and allow us to continue serving you our readership to the best of our abilities.

The Modelers' Alliance Staff.

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