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Recent content by sprueman

  1. sprueman

    France 1944 Gatehouse

    nice build
  2. sprueman

    Somewhere on the Russian Steppe

    lots of figures, going to look great
  3. sprueman

    Back after a 20 year hiatus

    hello and welcome
  4. sprueman

    Moebius 1/10 Death Dealer

    Great work
  5. sprueman

    Arizona 1916

    These two figures were done about ten years apart. The first the mounted Cav trooper was made mostly out of an old HP printer case ten years ago. The seated figure I did last year. Both Figures represent US soldiers as they prepare to enter Mexico to case done Poncho Vila, just prior to the US...
  6. sprueman

    1779 Marine

    This is my latest finish, Its Marine on the fighting top some time around 1779. It is 1/16th sculpt I did for my grandson who is currently a Marine. This top picture is the the sculpt, the others are of it finished.
  7. sprueman

    Verlinden Productions "Apache" bust

    Great skin tones, outstanding piece overall.
  8. sprueman

    John Bowrey Figure Campaign Completions

    Here is my finished 1/10th bust of a US infantryman 1846.
  9. sprueman

    "Stand Down Shenanigans" Camp Bearcat, RVN 1967

    I love it! brought back some fond memories of Korea 1977, I was in the Marines at the time. We had a four hour pass in one of the local vills, of course I spent my time drinking. On the way back in a duce and a half I needed relieve myself so out of the back of the truck and onto the escorting...
  10. sprueman

    John Bowrey Figure Campaign

    Here is the finished piece
  11. sprueman

    US Inf 1846

    Thanks for kind words attached is link to an IPMS site where I went into spme detail about I reclaim sprue and other plastics. ]https://forum.ipmsusa3.org/topic/20356-110th-figure-start/
  12. sprueman

    US Inf 1846

    Hello, Here are a few shots of a completed 1/10th bust of a US infantryman during the Mexican American war. The figure is made of reclaimed sprue melted then shaped. It's the first painted figure I've done in a few years. hope you all enjoy. Comments always welcomed.
  13. sprueman

    Modelers Alliance YouTube Channel

    Sounds interesting' would be happy to see it.