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TOPIC: All photos from Chattanooga posted.

All photos from Chattanooga posted. 29 Aug 2019 16:42 #145

Heavens Eagle wrote:
Thanks for the congratulations Warren, though I have to admit that Mark (Duke Maddog), Bob (Moon Puppy), Bob Letterman, and I think one other have also posted photos from the show.

It is really nice to see photos from several different people from a show like this as everyone has a different take on things. There was so much there to check out that everyone missed at least something. No way to take it all in.

Mark, Thanks for your photos my friend! There were a number of those you took that I either didn't notice or just flat out missed.

Oops! very sorry guys and thank you Paul for pointing that out. I must have been too focused on the pictures!! :bangs head

Thank you everyone!
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All photos from Chattanooga posted. 29 Aug 2019 18:19 #146

Okay, I know many here aren't into small scale armor and could care less; but this is to show that Braille Scale armor is alive and well. For those who do like small scale armor, here are the 1/72 scale models I photographed from the Nationals. This is by no means all of them; there are still some I need to process...

Here they are in no particular order with comments interspersed throughout as I remember things. Once again, these do not include my 13 armor entries as you've seen them before here. You may see them in the background though if you look hard enough....


Another 1/72 scale Dora:

Two ancient Hasegawa artillery guns:

The new Hobby Boss Karl:

Mike McFadden's outstanding build with a turret made from a PVC tube:

I believe this is Al Magnus' model:

Al Magnus' Hell Cannon:

One of the Junior's models:

And finally, another shot of that 750 piece armor collection brought by that one crazy guy:

That's all I have found so far, I believe I have a few others, particularly in the diorama category to find and upload. For now, enjoy all these.

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All photos from Chattanooga posted. 03 Sep 2019 15:26 #147

Okay, here is the final installment of my pics from the Nationals. There may be some repeats here but I'll try to minimize them as much as possible. There were, as mentioned; a ton of Space and Sci-fi, so here are the rest of them...

I thought this one was so cool with a "full interior" LOL!

Another Millennium Falcon, there were alot of these!

Direct hit! If I recall there was a light inside that 'fireball' that flickered, but I'm not sure....

I believe this was the 1/72 scale one... one I hope to get someday.

This was "Best Real Space and Sci'Fi", "Best Apollo Theme" and "Best of Show". I know it was posted before, but here's another look at it:

This was a past winner that was placed in the "Blast from the Past" category; a category for past winners to be displayed again. This was a scratch built model done with only one hand: his other arm was broken while he was building this:

That is all the Sci-fi and Real Space I have. Here is another aircraft that caught my eye:

This is a 1/35th scale armored train car that looked amazing. I shot this because I have a 1/72 scale kit of this very same car:

And now here are a few more of the ships and subs I shot. Some of these will be repeats I'm sure, but these were some exquisite models!

Just for fun, here is a couple shots of many of the guys that came to the Braille Scale Armor meeting. One came all the way from Australia!

Well that's all I have for now. This completes my pictures for the Nationals. Later I might post pics of my niece and nephew building models with me when I arrived in Columbus after the Nationals.

Enjoy these last photos.

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