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The Tenth Crusade... American Volunteer 7/19/2020

Iron Mike

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Saul wrote this last week, it fills in what the situation is.

With the border of the European Caliphate moving east, the Germans are now reconsidering the Philippine model and sent out a request for help to the rest of Europe. Hungary, Finland, and Poland immediately signed up. Italy signed the pact but was embroiled in its own battles to protect the Vatican. A hodgepodge of equipment has started arriving. So did the volunteers, Scandinavians, Americans from both North and South, and Asians.

With the allies and their air power, the assault from the West began. The Poles, Hungarians, and Finns, along with the Freiwilligenabteilungen, consisting of the aforementioned volunteers, quickly retook large swathes of land and allowing the Germans to retake their cities and stop the destruction within. The Germans developed battle suits with various weaponry available to deal with the threats encountered.

An American inventor, Richard Holiday, from rural Iowa, USA, joined as a volunteer to assist in the retaking of Germany. Holiday has developed his version of a super soldier suit, having grown up on tales of Tony Stark. Meet Rick "Doc" Holiday, he's got two guns, one for each of you.

Another fine piece from Front 46, it builds quickly and easily. The fit is exceptional.
Ready for paint.

Thanks for coming by, much more to come. :Drinks:


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Gun fight at the Brandenburg Corral? "Erreichen Sie dem Himmel, Affenarsch!! Those are pretty cool! :ro::dance: