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32nd scale

  1. Sharkmouth

    Photo Review: Kopecky's Scale Models 32015 Weapons Bay Supermarine Spitfire E-Wing (for Tamiya

    You can buy directly from Jan.
  2. Sharkmouth

    WIP Build Review: Kopecky's Scale Models 32004 "Master" F-15 Avionics Bay - Left (for Tamiya)

    Uh-oh! Warped cover door! Dip in hot water to let resin relax to its original in mold state, works every time! Still, if the cover is open, the locks should be as well. They are flush with the cover so they need to be opened up. Two runners are given to the second wire strap (which is...
  3. Sharkmouth

    Photo Review: Kopecky's Scale Models 32001 Weapons Way Supermarine Spitfire C-Wing (for Tamiya)

    Once I get the Tamiya Spitfire wings, I will take more in-depth photographs as well as document the fit. you can buy directly from Jan. Regards,