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Recent content by moon puppy

  1. moon puppy

    Happy 4th of July 2020!

    I haven't cooked a brisket since 1997, turned out pretty good.
  2. moon puppy

    Kugelpanzer 41 (r)

    I see what you did there... :soldier
  3. moon puppy

    Happy 4th of July 2020!

    Sorry Rich, Watermelon eating contest. And yes, it was a messy affair. 🍉
  4. moon puppy

    Happy 4th of July 2020!

    Literally! :rotf Not smokin' the brisket, way too hot out there for that. Doing it like we use to do back in the restaurant days.
  5. moon puppy

    Happy 4th of July 2020!

    https://www.history.com/topics/holidays/july-4th Our local parks and recreation use to have big events at all their locations. Greased pole climbing, greasy pig chase (don't know what the thing was about the grease) pie and watermelon eating contest, cookout, swim meet, softball games, just all...
  6. moon puppy

    Meng Jeep with blackdog SAS set

    Fully intend to. Think I'll paint a W on some, a white cross.
  7. moon puppy

    Meng Jeep with blackdog SAS set

    I really like that one of the wheels is a different style tire. Saw that in some photos of SAS jeeps but i'm not sure where that wheel came out of, I've dug into a lot of different resin sets for this. I want to paint one of the cans Panzer grey or even, dare I say, German grey...
  8. moon puppy

    Meng Jeep with blackdog SAS set

    Trying to figure out how to lash the spare wheels on the back with all this stuff. And the ditching stuff. Found the fuel mount in the PE stash, thinking about cutting it down as a mount for the tire. Something improvised right? How you like the random jerry can colors?
  9. moon puppy

    Logistics, trucks & Jeeps Update July 3rd, 2020

    Very interesting they are! Those 'maters look right, ready for market. :soldier
  10. moon puppy

    DSPIAE circular cutter

    Man I hope you get it soon, I know you'd get a lot out of it.
  11. moon puppy

    Latest Acquisitions Revisited!

    It'll give a nice glow to your complexion James. :cool: Great score!
  12. moon puppy

    Bratskaya Mogila na Dovoikh: A Brothers Grave for Two

    Interesting James, press on! :popcorn
  13. moon puppy

    Special Lightning Sailboat

    I guess those guys had nothing else to do on the long voyages than to come up with all these crazy names. Thanks EJ!
  14. moon puppy

    Zeitreisemaschinenwagen! - Build # 1

  15. moon puppy

    Bv 222 Seenotdienst - Build # 2