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Recent content by errains

  1. errains

    Hobby Boss Pzkpfw. II Ausf. J VK16.01

    I really dig this! I also got this kit as well. Planning on doing a build video for it. Yours is just awesome there Mike!! :ro:
  2. errains

    Fez Monkey Smoking Cigar

    That’s kool there man! :bigrin:
  3. PandaTracks2.jpg


  4. DBBuilding020.jpg


  5. DBBuilding021.jpg


  6. DBBuilding022.jpg


  7. DBBuilding023a.jpg


  8. DBBuilding023b.jpg


  9. errains

    Churchill 3in Gun Carrier - AFV CLub - 1/35 Scale

    Hay Dudes!! Started adding the trench elements for this display...so far so good. :victory:
  10. errains

    M3A1 Scout Car-Tamiya 1:35th

    This video filming is harder then it looks. I took a week or so off but started just again. Started up the weathering process but only on the rear end section...lots more to come. :victory:
  11. errains

    StuG-Panther V - The Hound Killer

    Hay Dudes!! and Happy Labor Day to all you here in the States!! Just a small update for the StuGPanther this week...Welds! :victory:
  12. errains

    Sherman IDF M50

    Great J.O.B!!!....Dude :ro: Sure the build was a total PitA but look at it man!...you did it!!! Work on the tracks best you can then prime that sucker. Let sit for a couple of days then really inspect it thoroughly for little things that can be corrected before moving on to the finial paint...
  13. errains

    Reporting for Duty !

    Wow what a understated and humble introduction James... :lol: I reached out to James after I watched his video below...he just don't build Armour,Aircraft and Figures...he is an Awesome model Artist! ...this build is so great I think I'll watch it again! :coolio2:
  14. errains

    Operation Unthinkable and The Russian Suprise

    looking to be another killer build Terry! :ro:
  15. errains

    Taking a break from the Bismarck diorama - the A-10

    and I thought taking a break meant an out-of-the-box build.... :blink ....I stand correct!!....Awesome job :Drinks: