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Zoukei Mura Pro Zetsu Nippers

This is now my favorite tool to cut parts free from the sprue…

After seeing some lively discussions on side cutters as used for plastic modelling, I found two camps formed between users of Tamiya and those using Xuron products. Not having a Tamiya side cutter, I fell into the latter having a Xuron knock-off, Testors Modelmaster (made by Xuron) sprue cutter, and Xuron’s 2175ET professional sprue cutter. For me, the test is how cleanly it cuts the sprue but… cutting a sprue runner doesn’t have to be clean, does it? After all, it is what I relegated the Xuron knock-off for, until the rivet hinge came loose. What about cutting parts off the sprues, in other words, cutting the gate?

From top clockwise, Xuron knock-off, Testors, Xuron Pro

Well, one person mentioned that Zoukei Mura, the company with the insanely detailed aircraft kits, was to release their Pro Zetsu Nippers. These were specifically designed to remove kit parts from the sprues. Luckily for me, Volks USA kindly provided a translation of the Japanese text on the package of the nippers I ordered. Volsk is the parent company of Zoukei Mura. It is important to understand the limitations of a tool before using as one may end up with damage.


The packaging is incredible and there is an extra spring included.


The blade is very sharp, and quite thin as well to reach into the srpue and get close to the part being freed.




How does it cut?



As you can see, it is VERY clean and the photo simply magnifies the small burr left behind.   That protrusion on the handle is actually comfortable and increased my confidence that I would not drop this expensive ($36USD) tool.   I also won't be comparing it to my Xuron Pro Srpue cutter because, while it is designed to cut parts free as well a the sprues themselves (to reach the part), this tool is designed only to cut the parts free and cutting anything else may dull or damage it.  It is interesting to note that Volks, in Japan only, has a service to resharpen these nippers.

What follows is the translation of the text found on the Package.

Front Cover

Expert modelers recommend what you "MUST NOT DO" with this nipper:

ü  Do not cut off thick sprues

ü  Do not cut off cloth, wood or metal

ü  Do not cut off other things apart from the kit's gates

ü  Do not use too much strength while cutting off

ü  Do not pry while cutting off

Back Cover


In 1977, VOLKS first started to sell its legendary Nipper and finally after 37 years, has been resurrected. With the experience of Pro-Modelers and consideration, Pro-modelers have started developing a definitely needed nipper. To all you plastic model lovers out there, please use our fine product with love.

Point 1.



A piece of real cutlery

Strong against friction and tough stickiness, this nipper is made from 100% Chromium molybdenum. The edge of the blade is the result of high frequency whetting, which achieves its fine hard level of 52. The cutting edge is thin straight to the end. Mounted angles are finely contorted so with that, the blade slices the same like a real knife. These nippers are just the gateway to processing professionally real works with accuracy and efficiency. You will be able to experience just a little taste of how well this nipper can cut.

  Point 2.



Maneuverability and accuracy

Not only with the cutting edge, the whole part of the nipper is created thinly to the very limit. You can cut into narrow spaces with ease and as you check the nipper, you can cut to your exact specifications.

  Point 3.



A non-existent form until now

Just holding the bulged grip, differentiating between the front and back is immediately identifiable. Form fitting for your hands and slip resistant is a specific point closely looked at. A total balance is achieved only through the highest quality product. In order to prevent instances of rust, a parker is carefully put on the body of the nipper.

  Point 4.



For you to love for many years to come

The spring being made by using the finest quality materials with many uses put into consideration. Two springs are included to change between strengths. When used for long periods of time, stress can be reduced, the more you use the more you will feel that this is a great product. Of course, VOLKS has a blade sharpening service to fit your needs (Japan only. Extra fee)


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