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Nuts and Bolts vol 33 Review

Nuts and Bolts vol 33 Review

The newest Nuts and Bolts is now available. Leichte Feldhaubitze 18, GW II für le.F.H. 18/2 Wespe and Hummel-Wespe is about not only the Self Propelled Gun, the Wespe, but also the weapon that it hosted. Included is a vehicle I had not know existed previously, the Hummel-Wespe, and you have quite a bit of value in one neat package.

Back in 1996 Nuts and Bolts produced Volume 2 of its series on the Wespe. Its a neat little book in black and white detailing this interesting SPG. If you own it and are thinking "I don't really need to get the new one, I have this" then you are going to be missing out on a fantastic read. This new book is like night and day over the old.
185 pages of glorious colour, excellent three view drawings, period and museum pictures, fantastic research, and modeling by Tony Greenland will greet you here. From the Nuts and Bolts site:
184 pages (185 if you count the inside back cover)
353 photos (198 historic, 40 model, 115 modern)
40 blueprints
13 camouflage schemes, tactical markings, table of organization (KStN)

This book should appeal to a number of people whether they are historians or modelers. A detailed study of the le.Fh.18 is included. This will make building the AFV Club kit a cinch. Its interesting to see how this gun developed, and what the various versions were.

As the German Military machine was growing and evolving they realized a need for Self Propelled Artillery. Something not dependent of horses or trucks to maneuver around the battlefield. One of the solutions was the GW II für le.F.H. 18/2 Wespe. Based on the Panzer Kampf Wagon II, this little SPG was developed.

A full description is given for the development and production of this vehicle. Also of interest is a list and breakdown of all the Wespe users. Perfect research material especially for that model you're building. You'll know who used it and where. One thing I really like about this series of books is the ORBAT chart. ORBAT was the Order Of Battle. If you are planning a diorama this is a great resource as you can see each of the vehicle types in a unit including the munitions vehicles, Comms, Maintenance group etc.

The other vehicle in the title is kind of interesting in that the le.Fh.18/40M was mounted in a Sw.Fh chassis, in this case the Hummel. This is a vehicle I wasn't aware of before. I believe Dragon is producing it in kit form though.

The colour Camouflage pages and the three view drawings are again top of the line.

And of course the book is written in both English and German.

Finally we get more modeling eye candy by Tony Greenland.

This book can be bought from any number of places. Direct from the publisher it is 28.90€ plus shipping.
From The Last Cavalry it is $39 plus shipping.
I believe the well stocked book stores and hobby shops should carry it in your area.
I think you will find this an invaluable reference for this neat little vehicle and for the kits of the gun that are available. If you haven't yet bought a Nuts and Bolts book this would be a great way to start your collection. I guarantee you wont be disappointed.
My thanks to Nuts and Bolts for this excellent book. Now off to dig out one of my le.Fh.18's.

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