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Airfix Armstrong Whitworth Whitley MK.V

The new Airfix Armstrong Whitworth Whitley MK.V

I was pleased to find this brand new Airfix kit while visiting The Augusta , GA. HobbyTown.


Price, $ 37:00 which seems about the range expected for this kit .

Here are some brief snippets of the first RAF bomber to fly over German held territory

The Whitley's first operations of the war ironically were not to drop bombs on German targets, but leaflets, and these duties continued well into 1940. The first bombing raids on Germany were made in May by Nos 77 and 102 Squadron from Driffield.

Because of its better range, the Whitleys were used on some of the longest-range sorties in the early years, with the raid on the Skoda factory in Czechoslovakia (a return trip of almost 1,500 miles, much of the outward leg being flown over enemy territory in daylight). Many famous bomber pilots cut their teeth on ops with Whitleys.

Airfix did provide a proper box . Not the most pleasing box art but a fair representation.

The total of the plastic is in a large bag . Some companies now supply bags for every sprue to keep the plastic from getting scuffed in shipping.

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Mini Art Soviet Limber

Mini Art Soviet Limber


The subject of this review is the un sung hero of the artillery soldier. The mighty limber. The hauler of ordnance and whatever else is needed as well as the often time resting place of a weary soldier. Limbers are pulled by vehicle both wheeled and tracked as well as horse drawn and sometimes moved by manpower alone.
Miniart came to the rescue with a 1/35 scale soviet limber in the form of the 52-R-353M .

The kit was purchased from red frog hobbies ( which has great service ) Cost $24.24 at first I thought that was probably a bit too much for a simple kit , by simple I imagined it to be a box two wheels and a tow post. I really wanted it for a project that is planned so I dropped the dime and added it to my order.
Well the grand day had arrived my order was here from red frog and upon opening the Limber kit ,I was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail that was staring back at me.

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Academy Sopwith Camel

Academy 1:32 Sopwith Camel


This is an inbox review of the Academy Sopwith Camel.

Historical setting
The Sopwith Camel was a British First World War single-seat biplane fighter introduced on the Western Front in 1917 and was manufactured by the Sopwith Aviation Company. Though difficult to handle, to an experienced pilot it provided unmatched maneuverability.
A superlative fighter, the Camel was credited with shooting down 1,294 enemy aircraft, more than any other Allied fighter of the conflict. It also served as a ground-attack aircraft, especially towards the end of the war, by which point it was being outclassed in the air-to-air role by newer German fighters such as the legendary Fokker D7.

The Model

- 3 x sheets of sprue.
- 1 x decal sheet.
- 1 x instruction booklet.

This kit is very small and simple but nicely molded, with a choice of 2 different planes in the decals.
The wing-flaps and rudder are fixed and there is no PE.
The Instructions are simple and easy to follow.
Compared to the detail of a Wingnut kit the Academy offering is greatly simplified but good value at less than half the price, still retaining nice crisp molding with the overall look still pretty cool- it definitely looks like a Sopwith Camel.
Wingnuts are advertising one of these as their current 'under development' so it will be interesting to compare.

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1/35 Trumpeter ChTZ S-65 Tractor with Cab

Brief Background
WW2 Soviet Tractor - this version was a development of the earlier S-60 version. The s-65 being the most numerous with 37,656 being produced before the ChTZ factory switched to tank production in 1941.

The Kit

- 200 plastic parts (light grey plastic)
- 234 track parts (light brown plastic)
- 5 clear plastic parts
- 8 photo etch parts on 1 sheet
- 1 decal sheet
- Instruction book of 12 pages.

An interesting subject that lends itself to many exciting diorama ideas for WW2 armor modelers, including people who want to 'walk on the wild-side' and modify the kit to depict a wood burning version, or various other configurations.
The kits parts are modeled very crisply with the detail popping out perfectly for painting and highlighting.
Bring on the scratches and Rust!
See the pictures below for a look inside.....

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Fly Models 1/32 BACHEM BA 349 V Natter

Fly Models 1/32 BACHEM BA 349 V Natter


This is a kit that is fairly simple but of great interest to modelers of 1945 subjects.
The company is fly and I have not seen any other kits from this manufacturer but I found this subject irresistible in 1/32 scale.
The box is quite small and is only about the size of a 1/48 scale fighter model package.

Cost $55.00 U.S
The model kit is comprised of
1. 1 x Main body sprue
2. 1x Canopy sprue
3. 1x Photo etch sheet
4. 1x decal sheet for 3 versions
5. Instruction sheet

The paint scheme guide is printed on the back of the box.

The Natter was one of those Nazi 'wonder weapons' that give the last year of the war that desperate flavor that keeps enthusiasts coming back for more.
The first of just 15 Natters that were completed became available in October 1944, and was used for four unpowered handling trials, towed aloft behind a Heinkel He 111 twin-engine bomber.
The first vertical launch with booster and rockets firing, but without a pilot in the cockpit, took place Feb. 23, 1945. The last flight was on March 1st 1945 when the piloted vertical launch went wrong and killed the test pilot. Himmler then cancelled the program.
The photo below was taken by US Forces when they captured vehicles abandoned by the Germans in Austria 1945.

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