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Hobby Boss 1/48 P-61A

Hobby Boss 1/48 P-61A


I went searching for a new addition to my stash and since I don't have the room for the 1/32 Hobby Boss P-61 I thought I would build another 48 scale one. I didn't want to tackle the Revell one which has been one of the mainstays of this plane since I was 10 years of age, a very, very, long time ago, at least in my mind. The GWH and LR P-61 kits are loaded with details and some even say plenty of issues in their own rights.
I chose the new HB 1/48 P-61 mostly out of curiosity and the price wasn't bad either $29.00 from Free Time Hobbies. With shipping it came out to around $35.00 which is still less than what you may find it at other places.

In two days it was sitting on the table. I found a nice looking kit inside and I began the usual process of looking things over and to make sure every thing was there.
The kit comes with 9 sprues of traditional gray plastic and one clear one. It has a nice texture and the panel lines and rivet detail are nicely subtle. The glazing on the clear sprue is crystal clear and the framework stands out nicely The nose piece is clear on top and frosted on the underside.

Going through the instruction booklet I noticed that it is a fairly simple looking build only having detail in the office. However, the detail is sort of chunky but not too bad. I think it may do well with some interior pe, color etch, etc.

A couple of the noticeable things were the lack of any exhaust stubs and that the cowls have molded in cowl flaps which are closed so I guess that would be a moot point. The decals for the instrument panels are not that detailed, with heavy lines and serious non scale appearance it cries out for some pe there. The gun bays are closed so there are no gun display options there and the top turret is one of those just glue me here and that's where I will stay or not. There are bombs, bazooka rocket launchers and external fuel tanks.

As for any moving parts there are only a couple as the flaps and such are molded in. I don't usually build any of my kits with them movable so that is not anything I personally care about anyway. This kit does not have any of the highly detailed features that you may have with more expensive kits but as it looks sitting here in the box but I would voice my opinion as to say that it is a fine representation of the P-61A.

The standard instruction booklet

simple assembly

There is plenty of weight to hold things in perspective

Crystal clear and sharply molded glazing

The ip detail could use some pe although it would be able to stand on its own.


The seats are one piece, Having not to assemble all the tiny frame work is OK by me.










All in all I think this is going to be an enjoyable kit to build and saying that it is sort of simplistic in no jibe as to the quality of this kit. I think it is some what refreshing to have something simple for a change.

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