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Trumpeter's 72nd Scale Su-27 UB Flanker C

Box cover

When Trumpeter announced their new 1/72nd scale Flankers, I was excited as I had read that all the other kits, with the exception of the newest Hasegawa, has several errors.  Hoping that Trumpeter didn't toot their own horn and corrected the mistakes learned from their 1/32nd scale kit, I picked this one up.



Inside the sturdy box, we find all the contents, except for the instructions, to be individually wrapped with many of the delicate parts further wrapped in Styrofoam sheets:

Protected fuselage...

Protected sprue...

Protected Sprue...

Protected clear sprues...

As can be seen in the second photograph, the fuselage halves, which are split horizontally, arrived held together with the Styrofoam sheets and a rubber O-ring around the nose.  Below, we see the fuselage once the rubber O-ring and Styrofoam sheets are removed.

Fuselage halves after separation

This is Sprue A which contains parts for the single seat Su-27 as well as the common parts for the Su-27UB.  An extra set of horizontal stabilators are included but only one is correct for the kit.  Multi-part molds were used for the ejection seats seen on the right side.

Sprue A

Sprue B had one of the exhaust cones loose and the correct radome for the subject. The intakes, with their long open areas to the sides, benefited from multi-part molds to get the scribed details on the sides.

Sprue B

Su-27UB specific Sprue J with the cockpit tub and speed brake and K with the instrument panels to which one adds decals.

Sprues J and K

Here we see the vertical tails on one sprue and the launcher rails on the other.  This does lead one to believe many more variants are coming.

Sprues H and N

The air to air rockets included are R-27 and R-60.

Weapos sprues

Crystal clear canopies are included.

Clear sprues

Four sheets of decals are in the box starting with these which cover the stencils and the instruments for the cockpit.

Stencils and cokpit instrument decals

Here, we see the Su-27UB specific decal sheet with markings for two aircraft, red 64 with eyes and a mouth (yes, the reason I got it) and red 58.  However, four complete sets of numbers, in two fonts, are included.

Su-27UB decals

The armament gets a dedicated decal sheet as well.

Weapons decals

Marking set A

Marking Set B

I wished the 30mm cannon was molded separately so this lump must be removed and replaced with hypo tubing.

Close up of 30mm cannon.

The scribed surface detail is nice but a touch heavy.  Sanding, when eliminating seams, will tone these down.

Close up of panel lines on fuselage.

The wheels are simplified and the rear (inner sides) lack the brake drum detail. 

Close up of main landing gear wheels from outer side.

The petals on the exhaust have a prominent seam on the inside and this is a candidate for detailing from a photo-etched metal set.

Engine nozzle petals

Using the provided O-ring, we see that the radome has a nice outline but the fit is not very good thanks to the lower fuselage half gap.

Port nose with UB radome.

The starboard side fit better and this view shows it with the radome marked to be unused.  The only difference I have noted are the chines along the sides and top.

Starboard nose with single seater radome.

OK, the kit is not perfect but it is a variant I wanted and am happy with it.  I am now shopping for new wheels (if I can find the Equipage set), new decals, and hopefully new photo-etched detail sets designed for this kit.

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