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TOPIC: A snowy day Rustology...

A snowy day Rustology... 12 Feb 2017 12:42 #1

Well-- we are due for a dozen or so inches of snow today so it seemed like a good time to experiment in between plow sessions. I am building up this Revell Chevy Stepside Pickup...was going to do it for CTA 3 but decided to focus on just one build for that one and just take my time and enjoy myself on this one. SO I ended up with a nice shade of Vallejo Modelair Russian Green which mirrors a shade like on my wife's grandfather's old truck. Was able to successfully chip using some Himalayan pink sea salt. After that, this morning I thought I would experiment with the different pigments I have for rust. Obviously I am no where near done- but with just my first run through, there are some interesting results....

First up are the Mig Pigments...

Obviously I need to tone down the bare metal as this is a truck that is supposed to be sitting around for a while forgotten...but it is quite a vivid shade, no?

Now using some Wilder pigments I won in a contest a couple years back...

I find these to be quite less stark.

And just for kicks and giggles...I went ahead with the Doc O'Brien weathering powders that I have rarely used since being introduced to the others. I find these to be pretty sharp looking in this particular application...they seem to mate with the Vallejo paint quite nicely...
Rusty Red-- again, quite stark like the Mig powders...

Rusty Brown-- I feel this matched something that would be sitting around for a while...quite dull but quite obviously rust...

That's it for now...wifey is home from shopping and it looks like I will have to plow for the first time today....
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A snowy day Rustology... 12 Feb 2017 12:57 #2

Nice little exercise.
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