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TOPIC: Introducing Sven Frisch

Introducing Sven Frisch 16 Jul 2010 19:32 #1

His interest in plastic models started as a young boy at the age of 10. The main purpose of building a model back then, was to blow it up, as soon it was finished. Since both of his grandfathers served in the German Panzerwaffe, he had a growing interest in German armour and started to build all the Tamiya kits available at the time.

After building his 8th Tiger, he lost interest and discovered drinking, smoking and women. The latter seemed to be more attractive and he sort of forgot about the hobby for 15 years as did many of us.

Then in 2003, he found a modelling magazine at a newsstand and flipped through the pages for old times sake. He was shocked. Photoetch, Resin, New Companies and a stunning new level of detail! That's when it all got started again and hasn't stopped since.

In 2006 his first work had been published in print and in the meantime he had written for various magazines around the world, such as Steelmasters, Military in Scale, AFV Modeller, and Xtreme Modelling to name a few. He enjoys collaborations with other modellers, like his most recent work "Shadows of the Past", which was a collaboration with Robert Doepp. Also, he likes to attend model shows across Europe, meeting old and new friends, which is his most enjoyable part.

Sven will make a welcome and valuable member of the masterclass.

Let's give him our very best welcome to Tanks and Things.

Bob Letterman

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Re:Introducing Sven Frisch 17 Jul 2010 00:44 #2

Welcome aboard, Sven
Wow, what a sexy introduction. Bob has a way with words, doesn't he? But, be careful, Sven, Bob will soon have you enlisting and then volunteering for something that might be fun and exciting. Oops, too late, he already has.
Peace and Love,
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