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TOPIC: Rusted Exhaust SBS

Rusted Exhaust SBS 13 May 2010 12:53 #1

Hello again,
here's another sbs for those who are interested in painting rusted exhausts. Exhausts can add alot of character to your models and always attract the viewers eye when painted properly.

It is one of my favourite tasks and it is quite easy to obtain interesting effects. The rule of thumb will be: "We can control paint, but we can't control rust!" That means that all the steps are performed in an rather fast and harsh way, trying to get irregular patterns, just like on the real thing.
Enough talking - let's get started:

Here we have our victim for this afternoon. Mig Productions resin Panzer IV exhaust.

As always a little priming with Mr. Surfacer.

I used the Lifecolor "Rust&Dust" set, but any other acrylic paint in a similar shade will do also. I started with an orange shade.

We apply the colour "wet in wet" so to speak. The second layer is a more reddish tone.

A more brownish tone will be next.

Given a few minutes to dry, we apply a good coat of hairspray.

Then we apply the colour of the base coat of this model. In this case we assume that our Panzer IV was painted in darkyellow.

Then we remove the dark yellow paint in some areas again. This technique has been discussed before, so I am not going to bore you with that.

Next we apply a rust coloured filter from white spirit and enamel paint.

Now we try to obtain more variation in the rust tones, by brush painting them on selected areas.

In the next step we apply pigments mixed with water onto the entire exhaust. Once dry, you can change the effect by brushing off the dry pigments again.

The weld seams do not rust. Painting them in a silver colour can add more visual interest.

Finally a little more soot and we are almost done.

A few more touch ups here and there and we are done.

What we have now are multible layers and shades of rust. There is remaing paint and paint that appears to be pealing off. There are many other ways to finish exhaust, and this is just one example which worked for me (fast).

So thanks for looking and have a good one
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Re: Rusted Exhaust SBS 13 May 2010 13:16 #2

Really nice, especially the reminder that German weld seams contained high amounts of chromium which did not rust.

Thanks you and Regards,
Saúl Garcí­a
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Re:Rusted Exhaust SBS 13 May 2010 15:38 #3

That looks great, thanks for the SBS!

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Re:Rusted Exhaust SBS 13 May 2010 22:40 #4

Good job Sven, Thanks for sharing this, I'll get it copied to an article this weekend.
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Re:Rusted Exhaust SBS 14 May 2010 01:27 #5

Awesome SBS Sven will have to give this technique on one of my next builds

very realistic finish

thanks for sharing

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