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TOPIC: Mistel 2

Mistel 2 02 Feb 2011 15:35 #1

The Mistel 2 was an interesting composite aircraft. Combining war weary Ju 88 A-4's with Fw 190 F8's or A8's a shaped charge warhead was installed in place of the cockpit. Depending on the fuse they could be used against shipping or bridges, fortifications etc. The Fw 190 pilot controlled the flight of both aircraft and then aimed the bomb and released. The Ju 88 flew into the target and the Fw 190 headed home. You can read more here.
AIMSmodels has just released a beautifully cast conversion for the Revel of Germany Ju 88 A-1 to make this aircraft.

You get the A-4 conversion with very nice new engines, wing extensions, cradle, markings for the 88 and the 190, and a huge warhead. I'm looking forward to building this up and as soon as the bench is cleared it is going to the top of the to do pile. Even though the warhead is cast hollow I think metal landing gear will be required. I'll provide more info when I start building. In the mean time I'm wondering about the Mistel 1 and Mistel 3 conversions. The Mistel 3 in particular has been calling to me :lol:

I purchased this conversion from AIMSModels

Check out his other stuff, I don't think you will be disappointed.

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Re: Mistel 2 03 Feb 2011 02:03 #2

Nice write up James. Project i'd like to see done but wouldn't dare to myself.
I told you photobucket sucks...

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Re: Mistel 2 03 Feb 2011 02:43 #3

What about some more photos and send it to the article section for permanence?

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