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TOPIC: Sopwith Dolphin decals

Sopwith Dolphin decals 16 Dec 2017 18:51 #1

Pheon decals has just announced their new decals for the new WNW Dolphin kit. Especially excited with volume 2 as it has 2 Canadian birds and one with a clover leaf I want to do.
From WWI Aircraft

"Wingnut Wings Christmas model announcement of the Sopwith Dolphin was perhaps something of a surprise – mind you anything would have been, thanks to their excellent security – I do love this aspect of their operation. And what a subject! I have always loved the Dolphin and for anyone who joined the minor chorus of whingers wanting Fokker Dr.Is (pointless – the Roden kit with Aviattic resin add-ons and tailored streaking decals and our own forthcoming etched parts and a whole mass of marking decals will give you a great result) and a santa’s list of other alternative kits – tough luck! – your turn will come, no doubt. My first Dolphin arrived a couple of days ago and if you were wondering whether to buy one, wonder not – it is just beautiful and will build into a wonderful model.

We had already released decals intended for the accurate - if short-run - Blue Max kits in 1/48th scale a few years ago. This time we have added a number of new marking options and revisited the original markings, updating them where needed' in the light of new information available in the excellent book jointly produced by the RAF Museum and Cross & Cockade International. This volume is most thoroughly recommended and the contributing authors may be regarded as being among the most authoritative on the subject. The book's colour photos of the recent RAF reconstruction (now to be seen at the Hendon RAF Museum), the superb profiles from Juanita Franzi and precise and accurate drawings from Mick Davies, are among the best of their type. We have also taken note of WNW’s own research, particularly on the use of differing shades of Service or Battleship Grey and the use of PC10 type pigmented paint for wood and metal areas and incorporated this in our re-drawn profiles.

Subjects covered are:

32077 Sopwith 5F.1 Dolphin Volume 1


1. E4514, Lt C.M Moore July 1918. 19 Sqn.
2. C3799 Capt. G.B.Irving (Canadian) Summer 1918. 19 Sqn.
3. E4587, Pilot unknown. Twin Lewis on lower wings. 87 Sqn.
4. C4157 “Muddles”, Lt.C.E.Worthington. August 1918. 87 Sqn.


5. C4155 Lt.R.M.Macdonald (Canadian) September 1918. 87 Sqn.
6. C4130, “Vic” Lt.H.N.Compton, (Canadian) November 1918. 23 Sqn.
7. D3669 Capt.A.B.Fairclough, (Canadian) July 1918. 23 Sqn.
8. C4131 Capt.F.I.Lord (American), June 1918. Also flown by Maj.N.W.Noel, Capt.J.D.Canning all of 79 Sqn.

All Sopwith-built

32078 Sopwith Dolphin Volume 2
N.B. The artwork says Volume 1 - it should be Volume 2 - we'll change it in due course....


1. 4th Dolphin Prototype (initially without serial – later B6871), St Omer, France October 1917
2. C8189, Lt.F.J.Stevenson. 79 Sqn.
3. H7244, Capt F.W.Gillet (American) 79 Sqn.
4. C3905, Lt.A.F.G.Clarke, March 1918 79 Sqn.


5. C4168 Maj J.C.Callaghan 87 Sqn.
6. D3775 Pilot not known 87 Sqn. Twin Lewis guns on lower wing.
7. J9 Pilot not known 93 Sqn. HE Kenley Aerodrome, Surrey, November, 1918.
8. C3947 Pilot not known 92 Sqn. HE Tangmere Aerodrome, west Sussex - armed with a single Lewis gun. May 1918.


9. E4764 81 Sqn./ 1 Sqn. CAF
10. F7085 81 Sqn./ 1 Sqn. CAF

All Sopwith-built, except for option 7, which was built by Hooper & Co and option 10 which was from Darraq production.

Where known we will list the early or late production attributes applicable from kit parts.

If all goes well we also intend to provide a small kit of parts for wire-netting radiator guards and prop face-plates and resin attachment nuts.

Prices and availability

We hope to have both of these decal sets available at the end of January/ early February 2018 - depending on our printer holidays.

As usual, we are offering a substantial reduction for pre-orders (up to and including Sunday 28th January 2018) and particularly for pre-orders for both sets.

Prices will be as follows:

32077 Full price £12.75
Pre-order for this set only £11.50

32078 Full Price £10.50
Pre-order for this set only £9.50

Pre-order for both sets 32077 & 32078 £19.00
(Full Price for both £23.25)

all prices exclude shipping"


They are not up yet on the main site but I wrote them and asked to pre order them.
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Sopwith Dolphin decals 16 Dec 2017 19:23 #2

Thanks for the heads up James. :pilot
I told you photobucket sucks...

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Sopwith Dolphin decals 16 Dec 2017 22:01 #3

That will make building a CAF Dolphin easier.

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Sopwith Dolphin decals 16 Dec 2017 23:46 #4

Cool James! B)

I will be waiting and watching. :bgrin
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