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TOPIC: Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck.

Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck. 03 Oct 2019 07:03 #13

JSteinman wrote:
How long is the kit?

This is what I can share about the kit - The box is in storage, but I would guess it be 1,300mm long (a bit less maybe, but not much). If you look at the bill of materials sort of speak, you'll be amazed at what you get for the $$$.

Scale: 1:200
Model Brief:
Length: 1265mm Beam: 181mm
Total Parts: 1700+
Metal Parts: anchor chain , propeller shaft
Photo Etched Parts: 13 pcs
Total Sprues: 45 sprues, hull, decks and superstructure
Paint Schemes: German Bismarck Battleship
More Features: One-piece hull made from two-directional slide molds

- The Deck is a single piece casting
- 4 sprues for 4 Ar196 w/ fine details.
- Accurately detailed gun
- 13 pieces of photo etched frets for handrais, ladders, radar parts etc.
- Contains display stand
Bonus : A full structure main gun turret with two metal gun barrel


Excellent choice !!! :drinks :drinks :drinks

As a Naval Architect myself, I hereby formally congratulate your son for his choice - it's awesome :bgrin


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Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck. 03 Oct 2019 11:55 #14

Thanks Laurence.

Yeah, he went to a two week engineering program last summer at Stevens Tech and got to design a hull in CAD and have it cut, then water tested (he made a PT). He was hooked. We looked into schools and the top choices were Webb and MIT. My wife's uncle went to Annapolis (retired a Rear Admiral) and then MIT and had nothing but praise for Webb, thinking it a better choice and it's proving to be.

He'll get a dual degree in Architecture and Engineering. He's already been to meetings in Manhattan of the Society of Naval Engineers and Architects, is set to intern at a shipyard in a few months, will work this summer in one, next year they intern on ships, the following two years in firms overseas. Theres only 28 kids in his class, just over a hundred in whole school, so they really work as a team. Their side gig is to man and ferry Billy Joel's yachts (he lives next to Webb on the Sound). Down side is failure is not an option, if you fall behind and you're gone.

It's perfect for him, with his love of history and life goal to live/work in Japan and Scandinavia.
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What, me worry?

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Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck. 04 Oct 2019 08:24 #15

You're most welcome.

That is really impressive, I hope it all works out for him. Commitment is a huge thing, without it, you would never finish what you started.

Good luck with it all - I love ships and history and models - it so happened that I also love the world of IT, and the chance to do all of it together was, to a certain extent, taken away from me despite fighting back. I don't regret it, it's only a matter of "it could have been a fairy tale, but it's really great anyway".

Cheers :drinks


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