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TOPIC: I'm not new here ... but have been absent lately

I'm not new here ... but have been absent lately 08 Oct 2016 08:08 #25

sharkman wrote:
Sorry Gerry, just read this thread as well!

Very sorry to hear about the difficult times you have been having. Good to hear that your mom is back home now. I hope you both are doing well.


Thanks Warren, We all go through difficult times in our travels on this rock, We just have to take it one day at a time. This did come at a bad time, for me as I've missed plenty of deadlines for campaigns that I really wanted to finish. I will finish the models I started, just I'll get them moved to a different thread. I also am working on my Hobby shop, brick & mortar, branching out to a on-line store, which I established about two months ago. That has been just kind of, setting on the net, I'm hoping to close the Brick & mortar shop and move to a place without so much overhead. right now I have a 20 X 24 foot storage barn building next to the house, for a physical address. I'm trying to get power other than a extension cord on it. Right now Downtown Greenville is hosting the 3 day, Bob Wills Fiddle Festival, I have a Family reunion that I need to attend today. so scheduling these events has been hard, I'm going to the Family Reunion at the Sam Satterwhite Double SS ranch today, because Family should come first. I'll take some photos as East Texas really is Beautiful ...




Ya'll have fun, I know I will, This ranch is close to the original land the My Grt, grt, grt Grandfater owned when they moved to Texas in the 1820's. This is a family retreat that Sam uses for family & clients ... about 5 years ago the wind came up, a blue norther came in temps droped about 30 degrees, The family couldn't all get in the first part of the cabin, so Sam built the last part on the back. Thanks for all of your concern guys, Model onward through the Fog ... !!!
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I'm not new here ... but have been absent lately 08 Oct 2016 08:58 #26

Nice spread! :thumbsup
I told you photobucket sucks...

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I'm not new here ... but have been absent lately 08 Oct 2016 12:23 #27

Sorry for your family tribulations there Gerry. You know you can come here though for some positive uplifting. My Mom is going to be 90 in March and is a bit cantankerous too so that goes with the territory I guess. She just gave up her car. Was having fainting spells and the doc told her no more driving. she didn't waste a second selling her car.

Luckily she is still in decent shape and has my daughter and a bunch of friends to haul her around on her errands. As she lives in an independent living place they also have a bus and such so if something happens there are folks around to check on her.

Enjoy your family while you can. You never know when things will change.
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