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Build a subject and be ready for class June 1.

TOPIC: DAK Campaign question

DAK Campaign question 04 May 2019 17:29 #1

OK so when class starts, is there a particular type of paint or color I should have on hand?

Super-basic, I know! But I had thunked about buying this:

AK-Interactive-Paint-Set-German-Dunkelgelb-Modulation-Colors-Set (ebay)

and then also considered that this may not be necessary.....so what is the preferred color for this class? I would like to show on day two with all items in hand and ready to roll!
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DAK Campaign question 04 May 2019 18:10 #2

You can use any paints you want. I am using Tamiya.

We are going to be base coating in greys, then hairspray then desert brown, RAL 8020. If you want to use the same paints as I am here is what I plan.

I will prime with MIG Ammo Grey Primer.

Then I will base coat with XF-63, then post shading with XF-54, then XF-54 mixed with XF-55. Apply gloss coat and then some of the markings and then satin coat. Then an application of hairspray (Tresemme) then a custom mix to get RAL 8020 (Desert Brown) XF-15:5 and XF-64:2 then post shading by adding XF-2. Then final markings, satin coat and then weathering.

I hope this helps.
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