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TOPIC: The Tank Grave Yard

The Tank Grave Yard 22 Jan 2019 23:02 #1

Hey there folks! Been a while since I posted any progress on any models here. I have been feeling a little anxious as of late. I keep walking into the model cave an noticing the overflowing shelf of doom, which is really starting to get to me. Makes it tough to focus. At last count I have 24 different kits in some aspect of in work! 24 – that’s just insane! :blush: With the majority of the shelved kits being armor, its really starting to resemble a tank grave yard over here! So I did a little soul searching and decided, in the spirit of new years and new beginnings and all that crap – its time to start making some headway on the shelf of doom. So I made a plan and some goals – let’s get through 5 dead builds this year. Seems ambitious considering my usual snail’s pace of completions, but I have quite a few that are already past the painting stage. Going after the low hanging fruit, if you will. Some of these already have build threads, and I will resurrect those, but a few I was working on in the back ground and don’t, those I will post here.

Alright – in no particular order, here is the goal for this year, keep in mind I will still be working on the FW190 and the Tiran for our Campaigns.

M109A6 Paladin

Its WIP link is here: Paladin Build

MIG Late King Tiger

Its WIP link is here: King Tiger Build

Tiger Models AMX-10RC


And last, but not least…

F-15C Aggressor

The WIP is located here: F-15C Aggressor Build

Ok – that's the list for 2019. Seven models is pretty sporty, but like I said all of these are already in the painting stage, there really isn’t too much further to go. (If you did the math you'll notice one is missing, that one is kind of a special build and I will reveal it when I get it done, in its own post).

Lets see how I do with my goals!

Thanks for watching folks, be back soon!
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The Tank Grave Yard 23 Jan 2019 04:21 #2

:( :laugh: I know how you feel Mike, but I think your approach should work. I am trying to do the same thing.
Good luck - I look forward to seeing these finished.

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The Tank Grave Yard 23 Jan 2019 08:36 #3

Knock them out!

I will be watching your progress

"Damn they made me put out the candle"

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The Tank Grave Yard 12 Feb 2019 11:59 #4

Mike I think every body has a grave yard in our stach, just pick one and continue working till done, (easier said than done)
:bgrin nice work so far :good

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