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  1. centaur567

    Not 'Showtime 100' - 'Oh no, what has he done ?....'

    Looking good!! Spearminting can go either way. Good luck!! Gary S. XLV MMXX
  2. centaur567

    IAW 2 Completed Works

    Remarkable!!! When I do my 1/48th figures I also try to vary the uniforms shades, but you take it to a whole new level. Very well done and most informative. Gary S. XLV MMXX
  3. centaur567

    ANZAC Model T LCP

    Looks really nice!! Gary S. XLV MMXX
  4. centaur567

    Miss Marilyn II

    Looking good!! Gary S. XLV MMXX
  5. centaur567

    M3A1 Scout Car-Tamiya 1:35th

    Just a minor set back. Are the figures Russian? Gary S. XLV MMXX
  6. centaur567

    Ju-87 Stuka

    Made the armor plate behind the seat along with 2 hooky radios. Also made a throttle quadrant. Gary S. XLV MMXX
  7. centaur567

    Churchill 3in Gun Carrier - AFV CLub - 1/35 Scale

    Just noticed the battle damage. Looks great!! Gary S. XLV MMXX
  8. centaur567

    A few things I have been working on

    Putting the petal to the metal!! Gary S. XLV MMXX
  9. centaur567

    AH-1W vs AH-1T

    AH-1T AH-1J SeaCobraOriginal twin engine version.AH-1J InternationalExport version of the AH-1J SeaCobra.AH-1T Improved SeaCobraImproved version with extended tailboom and fuselage and an upgraded transmission and engines.AH-1W SuperCobra("Whiskey Cobra"), day/night version with more powerful...
  10. centaur567

    1/72 AH-1G Cobra - "Pandora's Box"

    Great job!! Testors OD green is pretty close to the right color and sometimes the tail boom was a different shade. The paint to that step got scratched up pretty good. The teeth on our cobra's always had "cavities" in that area. Don't forget to tint the canopy blue and the rotor head was painted...
  11. centaur567

    57th FG P-47 1/144

    Nice!! Leaves more room on the shelf for more. Gary S. XLV MMXX
  12. centaur567

    Aichi M6A1 "Seiran"

    Had to look twice at this. A Tony on floats. Nice!!!! Gary S. XLV MMXX
  13. centaur567

    Aichi M6A1 "Seiran"

    Looking good. In the photo's the 2 fuselages are 2 different colors. One IJN and one IJA. The IJA one look like a brownish OD. I have a Ki-46 III and was looking for a color other than dark blue/green. Gary S. XLV MMXX
  14. centaur567

    Tiger 1 early - Winter Russia 1942 -completed

    Very nice!! Your telephone poles gives me an idea for the KV-1 base by using a pole as a mount for a Ju-87 Stuka. I was planning on using a tree, which I still might do. Gary S. XLV MMXX
  15. centaur567

    KV-1 1/48th scale Bandai

    Thanks !! Good to know. Gary S. XLV MMXX
  16. centaur567

    Ju-87 Stuka

    Thanks!!! This is a big help. Now I'm working on the bulkhead behind the pilot's seat. Gary S. XLV MMXX
  17. centaur567

    Ju-87 Stuka

    Yes, that helps a lot. I guess there was a glass cover on it. I wonder, was the X bracing on the cradle used as cross hairs? Gary S. XLV MMXX
  18. centaur567

    Hello to all

    Growing up as a kid my Dad was very anti Japanese. He served 31/2 yrs. in the Pacific. All of our aircraft were supposedly so much better than the Japanese. Latter I learned about how good some of them really were. And like you the mystic of their aircraft. When it comes to armor, I like the...
  19. centaur567

    B5N2 and Ki-43 in 1/72

    Looking good, Alex. Two of your best. Gary S. XLV MMXX
  20. centaur567

    The Milk Run Special

    Great finish!!! Gary S. XLV MMXX